Manfredo was born in Italy in 1956. After graduating in Italian Literature at the University of Bologna in 1978, he moved to Milan, where he obtained a master’s degree in Art Direction at the European Institute of Design (I.E.D.). He started working as a copywriter and later he became Executive Producer and Director for 'Film "77', an important advertising production company. He has directed 700 films, primarily adverts and documentaries, both in Italy and abroad. Manfredo currently works in different countries around the world, mainly in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He directed several advertisements for popular brands such as Nestlé, Campari, KFC, Cadbury, McDonald's, Chanel, Ferrero, Danone, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Duvrai, Lavazza, Nescafé, Pizza Hut, President, Hochland and others. He has been awarded many important international advertising prizes, including the Italian Advertising Festival, Clio Awards in N.Y., Saudi Festival Awards and Ermis Award Greece. Being one of the few directors handling both Acting and Table Top, Manfredo personally supervises the shooting of a film through all the stages, frame by frame. Manfredo's close attention to detail, artistic eye, passion and complete dedication to the industry leave the viewers of his masterfully shot films with an indelible impression.



Besides director: magician (real great conjurer), skater/snowboarder also with camera, music videos, YouTube viewing rate cannon...
My career started with documenting extreme sports. Mainly skateboarding and snowboarding. I have worked for a lot of different TV stations and started doing Music Videos in 1999, through which I transferred to commercials. Which I love doing… Because I directed a big part of the 2008 international Adidas campaign (Dream Big), I landed my soccer career. Not as a player, but as a director of TV commercials related to soccer. The most famous ones were for Turkish Airlines. Kobe vs Messi, Manchester United and FC Barcelona. Besides football related things, I have also done campaigns for BMW, KIA, Royal Jordanian, Dove and Philips.



Ignas Jonynas studied TV and theatre directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. For over ten years, Jonynas created 10 theatre peformances, many TV commercials and then made his debut in the cinema with his short films Sekmadienis toks, koks yra (Sunday As It Is, 2003) and Šokantis kirminas (Dancing Worm, 2006). Moral choices, testing of conscience, and gambling on death are depicted in his full-length feature Lošėjas (The Gambler, 2013).The Gambler is the first film from the Baltic countries to have its world premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the Warsaw Film Festival, two Silver Dolphin at Festroia Film Festival in Portugal, the Special Jury Prize and Prix Luna at „L’Europe Autour de l’Europe“ FF in Paris, two Great Christopher at Latvian National Awards and five Silver Cranes, a Lithuanian Film and TV Award presented by the Lithuanian Film Academy, in 2014. The film was also screened at festivals in France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Estonia, India, China, Morocco, Georgia, the USA and Ireland.


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